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Dear Viewer,

Want more than just gossip?  Does business intrigue you?

This is the Hollywood Entrepreneur Show your Celebrity Business News.  This is NOT just celebrities nor is it just business.  These are stories ripped from the headlines featuring today’s biggest stars focusing on how they are making and losing money.

If you watch closely you may even learn something.

This Cable TV Show airs on Friday’s 7am-9am PST on Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS channel 45 going out to 760,000 homes in Riverside County CA. It is rebroadcast through Video on Demand online with a growing audience that is mostly segment driven. 

The show has a general public pull much like the Shark Tank crowd but is slightly more focused towards 25-45 year old’s. Entrepreneurs love the business references, but everyone loves hearing about celebrities and their business ventures. 

This show does not focus on just business CEO’s, nor does it focus on Celebrity’s that are performers. Rather, it focuses in on the combination of both that David has defined as Hollywood Entrepreneurs.   

These people include: 

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Kim Kardashian
  3. Judge Judy
  4. Mark Cuban
  5. Ronda Rousey
  6. Sylvester Stallone  
  7. Michael Jordan
  8. Tony Hawk
  9. Jillian Michaels
  10. Simon Cowell

These are people that have talents that lead to endorsements and businesses that make them a super brand beyond any sport, movie, tv show or any other “day job”.

These people are worked into various segments called…

  1. Icon or Idiot
  2. Dead Brand Walking
  3. Star Stock on the Rise 
  4. Sink or Swim
  5. Beat Up Brand of the Week
  6. Break Through Brand of the Week
  7. Who’s Got the Bigger Brand
  8. Money Me
  9. Fix My Business 
  10. And Ripped from the Headlines

Interviews could include authors, actors, inventors, and other experts that have or could have an icon status in their industry.

By combining Hollywood and Entrepreneuralism, the show has a recipe for super success. David T. Fagan, Marcello Thedford, and their co-hosts are the right celebrity experts to host this one of kind show.

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